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Although primarily wood based work, here at Pure Tree Design we also offer a machining service for both trade and private customers. 

Equipped with a 3M x 2M 3 Axis CNC Machine, with a tolerance of >0.2mm, we are able to cut through 18mm MDF in one pass. We are also able to cut through Rubber, Aluminium, Hard and Soft Wood, Plastics and more. 

Our CNC machine is teamed with a powerful vacuum bed, allowing us to nest parts without tabs and for cuts to be precise and smooth. 

We also have a 1400 x 900mm, 150 watt laser machine. This machine allows precise cutting through a range of materials from hardwood to rubber, right through the finest of papers. 

Both machines can be used for not only a cutting services, but also personalisation to products.

If you are In need of plans and concepts to be drawn for you, please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to produce CAD designs if required. 

We offer all services as one off jobs, or for batch repeat orders. Having built great relationships with a number of suppliers in the timber, plastic, metal and rubber industries, we will also be able to source the materials as well as complete the part if needed. 

Please send us your enquiry today - enquiry@puretreedesign.co.uk 

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