Pure Tree Design is a  family run business based on the Suffolk/Essex border near  Sudbury. We specialise in bespoke furniture, structures and machining.  Design, practicality, aesthetics and function are very important to us.  

  • From the initial meet and brief,
  • Through the design process,
  • Into manufacture and,
  • Finally, delivery, installation and aftercare.

We love wood but we also enjoy mixing in other materials such as metal,  glass and ceramics. We thrive on a challenge and take pride in  designing the right piece from the brief. We can work just as well from  drawings, scrapbooks or a rough sketch. 3D CAD on all projects allows you to see what the end result will  look like. We provide after sales support, and we aim to blend both  traditional and modern skills and machinery to bring your ideas to life. Public, trade and businesses are welcome

The joy the end result brings to the customer makes everything worth  while. But it need not start there. The customer is welcome and  encouraged to join us on the journey to that end result. Meeting either  at our workshops or at your home/ place of business is where we start.  Gathering up information so as to write a brief together. Material  choice, function and aesthetics along with budget and time scales are  all important here.
Next is a 3D concept along with costings. Once approved a working drawing is produced and materials ordered. Next  stop, the workshop! The design will start to come to life and the client  is urged to come in and see. Last stage, delivery/ install of your new piece! At this stage  we make sure the client is content with the finished article. We do ask  if you could write a review and post on social media. 

We aim to use only certified timber. We have great links with top  quality merchants and they have their own timber procurement policies,  which we trust. Each wood has its own character and qualities. From the sheer  strength and beauty of English Oak to the soft patterns on figured  Maple. We have a great knowledge of most woods and with books with  examples we can come to the right wood to use together. If new timber is not what you're after then maybe reclaimed timber is  the answer. Bringing in a new look for old timber adds character to the piece. We enjoy mixing in metals, ceramics, glass and fabrics either  in-house or in partnership with one of our many links in the trades. 

The environment is so important. With out it none of what we have would exist. "Trees are grand old keepers of our planet and should be treated with respect." 

  • We buy only from trusted merchants with policies in place.
  • We buy in bulk to limit haulage miles
  • We select the right lengths of timber for the project to minimize waste
  • All off cuts and shavings are saved for the colder months and used to heat our homes and workshop.
  • All recyclable waste is recycled
  • Everything else (which isn't a lot) is deposed of in the correct manner.